Untouched Great Wall Hiking

Miyun County,a rural district in the mountainous outlying regions of Beijing.It`s here,a two or three hours
driving from dontwon Beijing.That you will find some of the most spectacular sections of the Great Wall.
Unrestored,wild Wall for hikers,unlike heavily trafficked tourists sections that construction crews have refinished to resemble Disney World.
There is no one here,across the railway from the car parking,about 30minutes walking,
you will see the  Wall clings to exposed rock.Somewhere you have to go through the bush since there is no way to
climb the Wall.

An old railway station was built last centrury only for slow train, no passangers at the moment.Across the railway,about 30 munutes hiking through the bush,you will reach to the ruins of the Wall.The Warriors riding the Horses come before your eyes,sound of the fanfares and fightings come before your ears.While a coal train passing,make you come back.

Over 60 degree angels steps make the hiking quite difficult.But it is amazing experience to climb this unrestored section.Stading on the high point after 3 hours hiking,look at the cliff.What an great job they did.

Program 1,one day untouched Great Wall hiking
Will leave the hotel at 7:30am,after 2.5 hours drivingwill be there at 10:00am
Around 4 hours hiking the Wall,will have a lunch nearby restaurant,then back to the hotel.
Program 2,2 days hiking Will Wall
Leave the hotel around 8:00am,will be there around 10:30am,then hiking the Wall about 5 hours.
Stay at the near the Imperial Way Courtyard,have a Chinese BBQ style dinner there.
The next day,hiking from the Gubeikou to Jinshanling Great Wall then back to Beijing.


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