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5 of 5 starsReviewed February 14, 2013  
My country mates and I were curious about visiting some interesting sites whose tour guides we had seen. How were we suppose move around knowing how blank we were about the Beijing?? And the worse part of it was language problems. I explained it to my supervisor who made a phone call and on the next day, Konglin was at our service with Linda. My 3 country mates and I were taken to the Forbidden city, Tianamen square, Summer palace, temple of heaven in just 2 days. We had real fun with a patient driver and a smart tour guide. Linda seems to be a professional , I must say. Her explanations were perfect. It's like they could read our eyes and know what we wanted. That's not all. He had to take us to a restaurant during launch and Linda explained to us the content of the dishes. They were so wonderful and caring. Look travelers, you don't need to think twice before calling them. It's hard to forget the memories of them both.
Visited April 2012


Tailor made tour itinerary

Unlimited changes and free charge

Authentic Oriental Civilizition

We use local rstaurants,not appointed restaurants

Local family visit

High –quality—service

Professional guide and driver

No hidden costs and tourists traps

24/7 hot-line service